If you are a person who loves adventure, sports and quality time with family and friends amid nature, then voila, you should definitely plan your vacation to Russia in summer season. It can be a mesmerizing experience to stay amid a forest, or buy the beach, or near a lake under the clear sky without worrying to catch flu and cold. If you are an individual whose heart goes for sea and beaches, then not other time can relish your moment of joy other than the summer season. Summer in Russia has its own beauty and splendor. If you are confused regarding the concept of sea resorts in Russia, scrolling through this article can help you to understand the summer in Russia better.

Russia’s sea resorts- Enjoy the sun-filled summer with ease

When you travel to Russia, you will be amazed to get the glances of Russian culture and tradition in every part of the country. Apart from this, the beaches of the country are also mesmerizing. Right from the jagged to the elegant extravagant to old-fashioned and pebbly, the country encompasses a gamut of beaches. You can of course plan for a beach holiday in Russia with ease. Travel bees swarm to this country in summer to relish the sun-filled summer eves, intoxicated summer days amid the concerts, party, and festivals, and of course to take pleasure in Russia’s sea resorts. To help to understand what to look for or what are the things associated with sea resorts, here is the guide to understand them better.

  • Advantages of staying in a Sea resort in Russia

Sea resorts are good options for staying while traveling to Russia in summer. The word sea resorts stand for a resort hotel, or a resort village, or a resort town, which is located at a coast. Here are a few benefits of accommodating yourself in a sea resort while you are enjoying your summer holiday in Russia.

  1. Wide range of amenities and services

Sea resorts are quite different from general hotels. The prime vision of these resorts is to make your trip filled with a unique experience. The resorts located in Sochi, Adler, Anapa, Vityazevo, etc. are focused on helping to provide fun and excitement to the guests. These resorts are built in a way that they are the perfect amalgamation of enjoyment, rare experience as well as adventure. Right from the spa on site to the mouth-watering delicacies with fine dining, they help you to get whatever you want. In addition to that, the beach is usually just a few meters away from these resorts. Their wide range of amenities and guest friendly services make the stay memorable. Their all-inclusive facilities help to relish the vacation without any worries.

  1. An abundance of activities for all

These resorts are simply awesome for any kind of trip, whether it be a family trip, or a romantic trip with your beloved, or simply your lonely escape from the monotony of life. Right from hiking to cycling, they offer varieties of activities. They engage their guests in a diverse range of fun activities and accommodate them in a comfortable and luxurious environment. Even for the kids,  there are several activities so that the parents can also enjoy their time.

  1. A Luxurious and comfortable stay

Staying in a beach resort in Russia makes the stay hassle free. One need not worry about eating or activities to do. The resorts make sure that your stay becomes more relaxed away from the bustle of daily life. Most of the activities they provide are onsite. Many of them also encompass fitness center, spa, laundry, free parking, and even transportation services. Altogether, they make sure your stay becomes luxurious and comfortable in every possible way.

Top 3 Sea Resorts in Russia

Accommodation is a vital part of traveling. When the accommodation during the trip is pleasant, it makes the entire journey full of happy memories. Especially when you plan for a beach holiday, seeking for an apt accommodation can be a tiring task, and the sea resorts can be your savior here. Following are the top 3 sea resorts in Russia:

  • Coocoorooza Pansionat

Coocoorooza Pansionat is a sea resort that is located in Sochi on the Black Sea beach. Few rooms of the resort comprise of the seating area, balcony that offers a seaside view, and a terrace that helps the tourists to relish the sight of the mesmerizing sea. Apart from all these, the rooms of the resort are well furnished and free parking is also available in the premise. During the stay, one can have mouth-watering delicacies, as it offers a buffet breakfast and encompasses an on-site restaurant as well. You can enjoy your stay here by attaining other services of the resort, like a recreational, therapeutic and anti-aging massage. If you are in Russia for a business trip, then also it is a perfect place to stay, as it is featured with a conference hall with the view of the sea too. The Adler-Sochi International Airport is 28kms away from the property. Green Theatre, Winter Theatre, and Tayny Okeana Aquarium are also located at a minimal distance from Coocoorooza Pansionat.

  • Atrium Lux

Atrium Lux is one of the top picks of sea resorts in Vityazevo. Located around fifty meters away from the black sea coast, Atrium Lux comprises of amenities like a seasonal outdoor pool, and also a children’s playground. The area where the property is located is popular among tourists for adventurous activities like hiking and cycling. The bike hire service is available in this hotel along with a free shuttle service. During your stay in the property, you can also enjoy an extravagant meal at the in-house restaurant. It also provides free Wi-Fi and free parking facility to its guests.

  • Kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzhik

Situated in Cape Tolstyi on the Black Sea coast, the Kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzhik is an amazing sea resort. The property offers scenic views over the Gelendzhik Bay. The facilities of the resort include a sauna and a tennis court. The spa facilities of the resort include laconium, salt grotto, indoor and outdoor pools, snack bar, and Jacuzzi. It also has a fitness center for fitness freaks. What makes its spa facility unique is the therapists with professional skills, spa rituals along with a varied range of massages. The property also encompasses a private beach area with amenities like parasols, changing rooms and sun loungers.  There is a shuttle service available from the property to the beach.

Know about the Russian Summer

If you are wondering what is so special about Russian summer, then you must know that here, this season is warm and crafts a comfortable scenario for travelers. Certain tourist spots that remain closed or which reduce their visiting hours during winters revert to their normal schedule in the summer.

  • In this season, the sun does not sets completely in Russia. Experiencing the sun rays in the middle of the night is a lifetime experience indeed. Also, since the day time is long, it enables the explores to visit more places of the beautiful country in the day time itself.
  • Calendar directs that officially, the summer season stays in the country from 1st June to 31st August every year. However, the season may approach a bit earlier than June, but it initiates to bid adieu from the mid-August of the calendar year.
  • For the natives also, summer is the season of merriment, and they often travel to the suburbs of the country in search of wider places where they can sunbath. There are rooftops as well as parts which are used for sunbath. Amid all these, it is to mention that though Russian summer is pleasant for travelers, cities like Tomsk, Moscow witness severe heat waves and that is also one of the prime reasons that residents of these places accommodate themselves away from the town. So, plan your trip to Russia accordingly.
  • While visiting Russia in summer, it is always advisable to wear sunblock. Also, do not forget to safeguard the exposed areas of the skin with a high-quality sunscreen. During the summer months of your visit, you may also encounter unexpected downpour, hence it is a wise step to carry a travel umbrella with you.


Now that you have all the information about Russian summer, plan your trip to the country according to your personal requirements and preferences. However, if you have a decent budget to spend, try to book accommodation at a nice sea resort in the country and enjoy a memorable holiday away from the hustle of modern life.