If you have chosen Russia as your next vacation destination, then chalking out a plan beforehand is always useful for you. Most of the travelers who don’t have much time to spend in Russia become confused to choose one between Moscow and St. Petersburg. These two places are uniquely beautiful, and it is up to you to decide which one will be more attractive to you. Here you will get the highlights of both places that attract thousands of tourists every year.

Specialties of Moscow

The city serves a major role in Russia as the capital of the country. This place is glorious for its historical background and political aspects. The signs of the military battles with the Soviet state are noticeable in the city even today. These marks make the city unique, and those places are maintained for the tourists to give them the feel of the past. Moreover, you will get numerous options to stay in Moscow lavishly, and the foods served in the restaurants are mouthwatering. The shopping zones are also remarkable here. But above all, you need to know the highlights which make the city more interesting. Some of its major attractions include:

  • The Red square

Red square is one of the most important places that one should not miss when in Moscow. This square is considered as the famous place in Europe for providing a sense of awe while strolling across the cobblestones in the place.

  • St Basil’s Cathedral

This is the masterpiece of Russia created in the 16th century. The piece is unique for its different shapes, colors, and patterns. The sight is known for photography as well. The combinations of the patterns and the colors in this place make the tourists amazed.

  • Bolshoi Theatre

The arts of Russia are known as the best in the world. The artworks in the Bolshoi Theatre are not only remarkable but also reflect the talent of the artists. The theatres performed by the ballerinas at this theatre hall can also make you entertained in a remarkable way.

  • GUM

This is one of the most entertaining shopping malls where you will find around 200 shops. You can walk through this area at free of cost. The structure of the mall is of 19th Century. The architecture of the mall is also ideal for entertaining the tourists.

  • Kremlin

This is one of the must watch places in Moscow. You will get to enjoy the museum, palaces, churches and more here. The place has the boundary of a 2,500-metre wall, and the buildings are within this boundary.

The best time to visit Moscow

Selecting the place in Russia also depends on the time when you are planning to tour. The best time to visit Moscow is in spring which means from April to May. This time, you will get the best comfort while traveling the place. The bright sunshine and warm temperature of Moscow in this period are ideal for the tourists. So, if you are planning to stay in Russia in spring, then you should visit Moscow at least once for a few days.

Expense in Moscow

As a result of high demands among the tourists and the best facilities of the hotels, the city is undoubtedly very expensive for travelers. The metro tickets are also expensive than those in the other cities. So, the overall cost in Moscow can be expensive for you, but if you are ready to create some memories in Russia, then you must be ready to spend this much to get a lifetime experience.

St Petersburg

This is another place to welcome passionate travelers who love to visit the elegance of the new places. The place is full of canals and bridges that can give you the feel of Europe. This place has monuments and galleries where the travelers can spend their times to explore the city in a better way. This place is considered as the glory of Russia. These are a few places where you should travel to know the city in the best way.

  • Hermitage Museum

This museum is considered as one of the largest and most prestigious museums in the world. The vast collection of the museum includes mummies of Egypt and the other masterpieces of the impressionist.

  • Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood

This church is known for its architecture which is done by talented artists. The exterior of the church has the style of Orthodox Russia, and the interior is also remarkable for its 7,000 square-meters of mosaics.

  • Winter Palace

This palace is the most famous and beautiful place in the city. The place served as the residence of Russian Tsars from the past decades.

  • Peterhof

This place is absolutely famous for its elegance and beauty. Here you will find the gardens, fountains and more for refreshment. You will also get some grand palaces in this place.

Apart from these places, you will also get some other venues to spend your time in a beautiful manner in this city.

Best time to visit St Petersburg

St Petersburg has a specialty of natural phenomenon that gives the tourists a lifetime experience. The sun never sets in this city in late May and July, every year. You can keep the period of mid-June to September for visiting the city.


Expense in this city is not very less but not very costly as well. Food is also available at an average cost to spend your day. However, you can also spend a luxurious life there in the city.

These two places are differently beautiful with their own glory and uniqueness. The attractions of these places can give you an idea about their uniqueness and help you to choose any of these when you have a limited time in Russia. But for the passionate travelers, both of these cities can give a lifetime experience. So, try to extend your time and enjoy the beauty of both of these cities.