Are you interested in visiting historic places? Then you should go to Moscow at least once in your vacation to visit the Red Square. If you are in Moscow, then your tour would be incomplete if you do not spend some time at the Red Square. This place serves the best political background, and it is one of the most beautiful places that have a strong historical background which people should know. Every day, thousands of tourists come to this place to visit the red building and spend their time to explore the city in a better way. But very few of them know about the exact history of the place. The historical background of the place can give you a better meaning of visiting this old place. Knowing its history can give you the best feel of the place when you visit there.

Background of Red Square

In the past decades, the people who had no official status used to live in Red Square. They used to drink and get attached to crimes. Ivan III cleared the place in a later period of the 1400s. But the place was still known as the province of the rabble. The slum was like that for several years even after cleaning the place officially. The name of the Red Square has not related anything like communism. The name rather came from “Krasny” which means beautiful. The Red signifies the contemporary theme of Russia. In the 17th century, the name of the place got official recognition. Another name of the place was Fire Square which signifies the burnt medieval Moscow. Another name of the place was Trinity Square in the previous period for the Trinity Cathedral which was the Predecessors of St. Basil’s.

In the 20th century, the Red Square became famous for the official parades of military officers to demonstrate the armed forces of the Soviet. In the year of 1941, on 7th November, the first such parade was held. On this day, the young cadets marched through the territory and moved straight to the frontline. The second parade was held in 1945, on 24th June. This was the victory parade, and in front of the mausoleum, two hundred Nazi standards were thrown. The mounted Soviet commanders crushed it. This historical incident was marked as the remembrance of the place. The 55th anniversary of the World War II was also celebrated with the parade in the year of 2000 when the troops came back to the Red Square. Now the premise of Red Square is used as the place of the musical fests, rock concerts, Classical musical performances and more. The flag of Soviet republics used to be flown in the Red Square till the year of 1987. Then in the 1990s, the flagpoles were removed.

Specialties of Red Square in Moscow

The place is rectangular in shape, and is covered with the cobblestones and surrounded by the stunning marble stone. The architecture of Red Square is amazing, but the atmosphere of the place reveals the bloody historical background of the place. This historical environment of the place gives the ultimate pleasure and thrilling feel to the tourists. The travelers visit the place, again and again, to enjoy the beauty and the historic attraction at its best. This place is now popular for the gathering of the people and listening to the government announcements as well. The religious festivals are also celebrated in the area of Red Square. The place serves more than this historical value to the tourists by allowing them to enjoy a visit to the Lenin’s Mausoleum and St. Basil’s Cathedral. The architecture of the place can make anyone amazed.

Lenin’s Mausoleum

Red Square is also known as the place of the oldest mummy in the world. The mummy is of Vladimir Ilych Lenin who was the former founder of the Soviet Union. He died on 22 January 1924 when he was only 53 years old. His body was laid in the state, and during a few weeks, the followers of this leader came to see him once in that winter with the patients. This insisted on preserving the corpse of the father of Soviet Communism. You should visit this place at leaste once to feel the complete historical value of Red Square. The holy preservation of the corpse of this leader can give you a unique experience to remember long in your life.

St Basil’s Cathedral

This is another place to visit while making a tour to the Red Square in Moscow. This place is mainly known for its ultimate architectural beauty. The place makes the tourists confused with the color and the pattern made by the intelligent architects named Postnik and Barma amazingly. The GUM shopping center is also there to provide ultimate entertainment and shopping scopes to the tourists.

Reasons to visit Red Square

Apart from the past glory and fantastic architecture, there are few other reasons for which people visit this place. Red Square is known as the central attraction of Moscow, and it makes the area complete by providing the chance of gathering, celebration and more to the tourists. This well maintained historic place attracts thousands of tourists every day from every corner of the world. The large premise of the square welcomes the tourists who can also visit a few remarkable towers that hold some political and historical background as well.

So, when you are planning to take a tour to Moscow, you should never be late to plan to visit these three exclusive landmarks of the city. The glory of Red Square can be enjoyed anytime throughout the year, but the best time to visit Moscow is April to May. You can also stay in the hotels and restaurants available in the city to spend the night. The foods are available in the right and fresh quality there. The lighting in the night of the GUM and the cathedral is so beautiful and bright that you can spend a long time over there. The city is also famous for the natural phenomenon which can give you a lifetime experience.