Russia is intimidating and huge. This is a place which is famous for centuries for being an amazing tourist destination because of its rich greenery and landscape. This place is the home of several unique tourist spots engulfed in the beauty of nature. The natural splendor of Russia is very impressive, and provides some of the most stunning views you can get in any other part of the world. Russia is a country full of contrast. Apart from being rich in literature, music, churches, museums, theaters and magnificent buildings, it is known around the world for its amazingly breathtaking landscapes too.

Since Russia is the biggest country in the world, it contains more richness in terms of flora and fauna. If you want to understand Russia’s vastness, then you will have to visit the wilderness of this place. Some of the must-visit natural wonders of Russia include:


Manpupuner Rock Formations: Every land will have certain places that are going to reflect its natural beauty, but when you are visiting Manpupuner Rock Formations, then you can expect to see some unusual natural beauties. Several pillars of unique shapes are situated here which will remind everyone about the famous East Island heads. Speaking about the origin of the seven pillars, it is not much known, but it is considered to be an enigma. People believe that this place has evolved due to some process carried out by nature, and some believe it to be the structure carrying spiritual reason behind its construction by ancestors. This place is no less than a paradise, and is said to be the point where there is an amalgamation of several spirits.


Lake Baikal: Lake Baikal holds a lot of significance, because it is the world’s cleanest, oldest and the deepest lake having a depth of 1642 meters. One can encounter around 1700 various species of animals and plants in and around this lake. No other lake in this world even has two third of its entire species count. This place has the largest amount of freshwater content in the entire world. Because of the vastness of this lake, one can find rare species in it, and this lake is no less than a mystery itself. The lake is considered to be the oldest with 25 million years of age, and it has been undertaken by the UNESCO from the year 1996. Apart from carrying a lot of rich resources, this lake is going to leave you speechless, as you will hardly encounter any lake with such mesmerizing beauty.


Taiga Forest: Taiga is popularly known as the Snow Forest which can be reached from North America, Scandinavia and Russia. This place is having a beautiful natural landscape filled with pines, larches, spruces and others. Throughout the year you can find this place covered with cotton like snow. This landscape looks no less than a fairytale, and you can encounter a lot of frost cracks and red noses when you visit this place.

Kamchatka Volcanoes:
Russia is the land where you can find several active volcanoes. In Kamchatka, you can find a volcanic belt which is considered to be the largest in the world. It is the home to around 160 volcanoes, out of which 29 are still alive. The most beautiful volcano of this place is definitely Kronotsky Sopka, because it has the shape of a perfect cone and is popular around the world for being a spectacular volcano. Apart from providing a landscape filled with high-density active volcanoes, you can also view the continuous interplay of glaciers. This site is famous for having high diversity species, among which you can find salmon fishes along with brown bear, Steller’s sea eagle and sea otter.

Western Caucasus:
This is a mountainous area situated in southern Russia, which is not the home for human settlement. You can hardly find any human settlement there, and the view of Caucasus is breathtakingly pure. One can encounter a lot of glaciated relief in this landscape, and it is the home to 60 moraines and remnant glaciers with several lakes of high altitude. Apart from being the hub of several waterfalls, the highest one has a range of 250 meters.


Lena Pillars: Lena pillars is the name of a natural rock formation along the Lena River banks. Shaped liked rock pillars, they are spread across 180 kms, with highest density between the Petrovskoye and Tit-Ary villages. It provides the viewers with compelling scenic beauty. All the pillars which are situated here are having a height of 150 to 300 m and they look very gloomy, thoughtful and mesmerizing.


Uvs Lake: The major part of this beautiful lake is located in Mongolia, and some part lies in Russia. This lake is having high saline content, because of which there is no life in it. It provides with a mirroring effect which is highly hypnotizing, and the water of this lake is having an intensifying effect on the surrounding landscape.

This Lake has settled between high mountains of Tsagaanshuvuut, Tagniin, and Khankhukhiim. During summer, the glaciers are melted drastically which contributes to the high flow of water in the lake.


Wrangel Island Reserve: Wrangel Island is considered to be an entirely different world, as it is Russia’s one of the remotest and the coldest places. Apart from being land that has been completely isolated from the human settlement or mainland, the tourists from all around the world take a trip to encounter the natural beauty that it holds. All the seas which are surrounding this place are rarely seen without the ice. This island is having crystalline slates, Genesis, and granite along with alluvial sands. One can find different types of small lakes along with southwestern and northern coast with several enclosing lagoons.


Virgin Komi Forests:  UNESCO has recognized this famous natural attraction of Russia which is also Europe’s largest virgin land of forestation. In the ecoregion of Taiga, you can find the Komi forest. This place provides beautiful and fantastic tourist spots and it is the land where an abundance of gold is found. Though any kind of activities for extracting the gold from this forest is prohibited, you can still see some gold mines which have settled here illegally.


Altai Golden Mountains: This land offers a unique and natural landscape with lush green steppe. This is the land where you can find gorgeous Alpine vegetation, and this place will provide you with all the beautiful and

wild palettes showering different types of colors. Apart from having the natural reserve of Altai, it also holds Katunsky Reserve and the Ukok Plateau. The landscape holds remarkable beauty. When you will visit this zone, you will enter into a land filled with forest-steppe with mixed forest. It is the home of several rare animals which is why researchers from every corner of the world visit this place for researching on the peculiarities related to several habitats. One can even find some near-extinct species in this place. Siberian mountain goat and snow leopard are two of them. If you visit this place as a tourist, then don’t miss to climb the famous Belukha mountain. Apart from being Russia’s highest mountain, one can find abundant glaciers, meadows and dense forests here.

Sikhote-Alin: Have you ever heard of Amur tigers? If not, then visit this place because it is home to the largest felines of the world. This place is offering interesting faunas where you can encounter reindeer and leopards which are living in tropical areas of the planet. The area has been bounded by several lines of geological origin. Entire reef is very complicated, and it also includes eight different mountain ranges. You can find several mountains which are densely forested. The population of this place is very sparse, so it is one of the reasons why rare animals can be found in this place.


Lake Kardyvach: This lake has been sandwiched by the nature between three mountains, and it has Alpine meadows which are fertile along with beautiful cascading waterfalls. Apart from being a favorite hiking destination, this place will drench you in the mesmerizing natural beauty and will help you to dip yourself into Russia’s remoteness.


Olkhon Island: The serene base and craggy cliffs are the hotspots of this beautiful island. This island is situated in the Lake Baikal and is said to be the largest. This place is residing in the Siberian wilderness and is considered to be a shamanic site for all the Buryat people. If you are visiting Siberia, then this place will provide you with wonderful and serene locations, and it is home to some magnificent lakes as well. The tourist count of this place is blooming every day. The island provides rich natural sites and you can see sandy beaches, rocks, rocky shores, forest with broad leaves, dense pinewoods along with the stones of snow white. There are a lot of activities which you can do in this beautiful place, and photographers come from various places to take just a single shot of this beautiful island.


Ruskeala: Ruskeala is a rural settlement coming under the administration of Karelia. This is the region which is situated on the northwestern side of Karelia. This land is famous for the lush beauty along with serene surroundings. All the tourists can easily swim, hike or can indulge in boating in the famous water-filled ravine of Ruskeala Mountain Park. This place is famous for many water-based adventurous sports. A number of cascade waterfalls also line the place falling on the Tokhmayoki river.

Kola Peninsula: This Peninsula is going to provide you with the brilliant display of northern lights during the winter season. This place is the home of abandoned villages, lakes, tundra and low mountains. There are several lakes which are situated in this peninsula. The northern lights and the beautiful landscape provide a mesmerizing view.


Dykh-Tau: Dykh-Tau hulk is popular by the name of Russian Himalayas and its peak is completely covered with snow. It is spread over the famous Bezengi Valley. Only a few attempts are made so far for climbing this majestic mountain. This mountain is located in the Kabardino-Balkaria, and it is the second highest of Caucasus mountain. Mount Eland ranks second in terms of height.


Valley of Geysers: Situated in the Kronotsky State Biosphere Reserve in the Kamchatka Peninsula, this is one of the biggest geyser fields in the world. It is one of its kind in the whole of Eurasia. Being a deep canyon, it is home to a number of hot springs, waterfalls, mud pots and geyser outputs. The valley goes through diverse range of climate and biodiversity all through the year. Helicopter tours are arranged in this valley which you can take to enjoy its natural beauty from the sky. In 2008, public voted it as one of the 7 Wonders of Russia. So, undoubtedly, it is worth giving a try.

Russia is the home of several natural wonders. It has several lands which are completely protected because of the rich resources that it contains. Whenever you are visiting Russia, make sure you are at least going to five of the places mentioned above to taste the richness that this place holds. You can also visit the places which are not much isolated from the greenery like the cities. There are certain parts which are completely isolated from human habitation. So, make sure that you are not visiting any restricted places. If you are visiting this place for hiking purposes, take proper training, otherwise it can be a bit risky because of the high peaks. Russia has never failed to surprise its visitors and even if you are a native to this place, you must still have tons of places unexplored. No matter which time of the year you are visiting this place, Russia has something for all the tourists. In your trip to Russia, make sure you are visiting Moscow, because it is the capital city of Russia, and holds a lot of historical and political importance.